Arda Compound allows you to compound your yield farming rewards in one click and one transaction. If compound was done manually, it would require to 5x more transactions, to go through multiple webpages and to click at numerous places. For example:
  • You can compound the MEX rewards of your EGLD-USDC LP farming position in one click and one transaction! Manually, you would have to harvest MEX rewards, wait, swap half MEX -> EGLD, wait, swap half MEX -> USDC, wait, create EGLD-USDC LP, wait, deposit your newly created EGLD-USDC LP in the farm.
  • You can also compound the MEX/LKMEX rewards of your MEX/lkMEX farming positions in one click, one transaction and for free.
Compounding regularly increases your profits exponentially. For instance, if you farm EGLD-MEX LP with daily APR 0.3% and compound every day, after one year you will do +198% profits, versus +109% without compounding.

How it works

Here is how Arda Compound works to compound the MEX reward of your EGLD-USDC farm of Maiar:
  1. 1.
    It finds the farms on Maiar and looks for your position in the EGLD-USDC farm.
  2. 2.
    It makes Maiar harvest your MEX rewards.
  3. 3.
    It finds a route from MEX to USDC on Maiar, for instance MEX->EGLD->USDC:
    1. 1.
      It swaps MEX->EGLD on Maiar.
    2. 2.
      It swaps EGLD->USDC on Maiar.
  4. 4.
    It makes Maiar deposit liquidity of EGLD and USDC, and retrieves EGLD-USDC LP.
  5. 5.
    It makes Maiar deposit your EGLD-USDC LP into the EGLD-USDC farm.
Doing these steps manually, you would have to sign 5 different transactions, figure out by yourself the routes for the swaps and also spend time moving between different interfaces. Arda Compound is a 1-click button for compiling all these steps into 1 transaction, so it gets it done at least 5x faster.

What can't be compounded

You can't compound on Arda Compound:
  • LP positions with LKMEX rewards,
  • EGLD-LKMEX LP positions with MEX or LKMEX rewards.


MEX farms: 0% fee on rewards.
LP farms (e.g. EGLD-USDC): 1.8% fee on rewards. This is a fee on rewards, not on the position: for instance if you have a farming position with 100$ worth of MEX rewards, then the fee is 1.8% of 100$. If your rewards is 10x smaller, i.e. you rather have 10$ worth of MEX rewards, then the fee is is 10x lower, i.e. it is 1.8% of 10$.
This fee is collected by Arda for funding its development. It is on top of the inherent fees that you would have normally paid for your transactions (i.e. gas fee and Maiar swap fee).

Step-by-step guide

In this example we compound the MEX rewards of the EGLD-MEX Maiar farm. First, go to the Compound page and connect your wallet. We support the Maiar mobile app and the Maiar web extension.
Next, find your position in the EGLD-MEX Maiar farm. For instance, it is the last row in the screenshot below.
Click on the 'Compound' button, sign the transaction and wait for the transaction to be complete!
If compounding rewards involves swapping tokens, the slippage tolerance is set to 1%.