Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of our top priorities. It is strongly influenced by your needs and feedback, which we implore you to provide in our Telegram community group.
  • Ledger connexion: Supporting new connexion devices on Arda, starting with Ledger.
  • Arda Vaults: Deposit your farming tokens to benefit from auto-compounding.
  • Arda Discover: Discover tokens and NFTs on Elrond.
  • A few big surprises...
  • Arda Charts: Watch and analyze price charts of all tokens on Elrond.
  • Arda Compound: A 1-click button to harvest MEX rewards and reinvest in Maiar farms.
  • Arda Board: Track all your tokens (single, LP, farming, ...) in one place.
  • Arda Swap: Swap single and LP tokens in one click and in one transaction.
Last modified 5mo ago
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